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HolD BrEAth 是什么意思?

翻译: hold one's breath:屏息、忍受着忧虑、紧 张或感到兴奋 例句: 1.We held our breath when listening to her song. 我们屏息听她唱歌。 2.The race was so close that everyone was holding his breath at the fin ish. 赛跑竞争激烈,...

never think about it 从来没有想过 例句: 1. "Don't talk like a fool," I said. "Besides, what happened to me is supposed to be funny. I never think about it." “别说傻话了,”我说。“而且,对我自己的遭遇,我总是一笑置之,我从来不去...

hold one's breath 意思就是:屏住气; 屏住呼吸; 屏息; 敛声屏气; 例句: We held our breath when listening to hersong. 我们屏息听她唱歌。 与breath相关的几个常用短语: breathe one's last breath 死,断气 catch one's breath 喘气 take b...



固定动词短语,意思是: 屏住呼吸;敛声屏气。 例如: You need to hold your breath and call 119 ,and then try to get out of the it when there is a fire in your room. 当你的房间着火时,你需要屏住呼吸,拨打1191并设法逃出房间。 Tom l...

hold your breath 屏住你的呼吸 拼音双语对照 1 Hold your breath for a count of five, then slowly breathe out. 屏住气息数五下,然后慢慢地呼气。 2 Do not hold your breath for a cocoa-based diet pill anytime soon, though. 但是,不要...

1.别憋着呼吸(别期望太高) 2.别指望啦。 3.期望值不要太高。

没有特别的意思,泛指“某人”。 比如,tell someone to do something,告诉某人做某事,someone和something都是泛指。 hold one's breath造句如,When I hugged her and tried to kiss her,she held her breath。

表面意思是:不要因为这个就屏住呼吸。 可以理解为不用被它吓到

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